Phish OD. Version 2.1.1 for iOS.

phish. any year. any concert.

any song. streaming.


The power of in the palm of your hand! Listen to any song from and view concert ratings and reviews from!

  • Scrobble to Last.FM
  • Listen to music in the background, with full listening capabilities!
  • Filter concerts by soundboards and remastered versions!
  • Look at every time a song was played!
  • Look at the top rated concerts
  • See which times a song was on the jamming charts
  • integration. Personalized stats!
  • Favorite tracks, venues, tours and shows to easily retrieve later!
  • Global stats: view the most popular Phish songs right now!
  • A new player bar to make it easier to control your music!

Big thanks to and for making this data available for use!

Please note that this app is very much a work in progress and I am open to suggestions and more! Get in touch with me below!


This app was developed by Alec Gorge. You can find him at @alecgorge,, Last.FM and GitHub.

Speaking of GitHub, this app is open source and available on GitHub!